Saturday, December 16, 2017

Petitions and More, December 16  HR1406 Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017, USA: send a message please, or make your own Trump: Stop Offshore Drilling & Do More To Protect the Oceans! Scroll down to sign petition: Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympics. Will they still be slaughtering dolphins and whales by then? IWC, enact stronger protections for whales and smaller cetaceans, and for whaling nations to cease once and for all! IMATA: Stop Cetacean Captivity and Denounce Taiji Hunts! MSC: Don't Put Eco Label On Dolphin Killing! SeaWorld Must Stop False Claims about Captive Orcas 1) Demand Justice for Horses Massacred by Gun Wielding Assassins! 2) Save Cats from Costco's Starvation Plan!  US-info. Oppose Riders Taking Aim at Endangered Wolves and the ESA  Scottish Government, on the future of fox hunting: it’s time to end hunting for good! Minister Kaag, the Netherlands, Stop supporting the suffering of billions of animals in the livestock industry worldwide! Urge other retailers to do the same, several requests Discover Holidays, stop offering dogsledding excursions and tours immediately US-info. Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Tell Congress to vote against the GOP Tax Bill! Requesting a true shelter for abandoned animals in Gonzalez Catán, La Matanza Partido, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Tell the EU to Ban Lead! One million birds die from lead poisoning in Europe each year Don't let oil spoil the Arctic Refuge!  Brazil. A sickening video of extreme cruelty is circulating on Facebook. A dog tied and gagged is brutally kicked and jumped on by a woman wearing thin needle-like high-heel boots until it dies! We request the arrest of this torturer and filmer, No bail!, no reduction of penalty, jailtime! Prevent the Extinction of the North Atlantic Right Whale  Help us keep the krill fishing industry out of the Antarctic Help us create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary
                          ========   News and more   ========= Michael Kors Holdings Limited (KORS) (the “Company”), a global fashion luxury group, today announced that it will no longer use animal fur in its products, with production being phased out by the end of December 2018 Narwhal escape: Whales freeze and flee when frightened


Friday, December 15, 2017

Petitions and More, December 15 To take action, sign these important petitions, send a letter, tweet! Help eliminate long-term pesticide testing on dogs globally! Several actions, if not signed yet  Mayor of Malargüe, Mendoza, we request a shelter for abandoned dogs! More petitions will follow Help create the largest protected area on Earth in Antarctica!  JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock: Stop financing Amazon destruction France. To Finally defeat the 1000 Veal factory farm project, participate now in the public consultation before Dec. 18! US-info. Urge your US representative to cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act  US-info. Trump: Keep public lands in public hands. Don't slash protections for our national monuments  ZIP=5 digits. The State of Alaska is proposing a 220-mile private mining road through the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve! Stop the road to Ambler! Russia. Governor of the Moscow region, how can one outline the lives of 1000 dogs with one stroke of the pen? Help us please! We demand the cancellation of the illegal decision of the Administration of Noginsk District of 12.12.2017 for 1248.2017 on Decree No. 4828 "On the Liquidation of the UIA Municipal Refuge for Homeless Animals"! Russia.  Chernogorsk. Stop massacring abandoned animals, protect the Animals of Khakassia! Turkey. Keçiborlu District. Investigate the violence towards animals (on video, sent, identified) in the village İncesu, take measures and confiscate the animals! Update. Reverse the government's decision to give the go ahead for a puppy farm in Hull to breed for vivisection ! Please ask your UK MP to sign the Parliamentary EDM 66, it calls for a rigorous science debate (Animal experiments are still held in place by the pillars of false science!) Spain. Protest! Recently the University of Barcelona announced that it had joined Mercadona and Cunicarn to promote the consumption of rabbit meat among young people and athletes! Turkey. Request for 1 animal ambulance in every province Turkey. In favor of Animals:  connect Arapgir with the veterinary services in the municipal for spaying, neutering, vet care Protect Wildlife From Oil and Gas Exploitation! Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Oil and Gas Drilling! Don't Cut Funding For Protecting Tigers, Elephants, and Rhinos! Praia, Cape Verde: Against the mass slaughter of stray dogs (after 48 hours) - instead we need spay, neuter, awareness and adoption programs! Shut Down Live Nativity - Save Stormy The Cow
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Petitions and More, December 14   Stop the catching and destruction of gentle, spayed and neutered dogs in Topoloveni, Arges, Romania!  Send an email  ZIP=5 digits. Urge Wyoming's Governor to Stop the Wolf Hunt!  ZIP=5 digits. Stop Oregon's Backdoor Wolf Hunt, hiding the fact that the weak and outdated Plan now authorizes wolf hunting and trapping! Strengthen the wolf plan!  Needs 110,000 sign. Stop the mass farming of animals in Germany! Confirm please Support a fur farm ban in Poland! Impact of livestock on global warming: for an immediate and total ban on intensive and industrial livestock farming and a drastic reduction of traditional animal husbandry! To confirm Needs more signatures! Stop the brutal calf transport! Austrian calves are shipped across Europe just because they have no value in this country! Confirm please Belgium. For a ban on forced feeding of geese and ducks for foie-gras Uri Ariel, Israel, stop the live shipments of cattle, calves and lambs! Universiti Industri Selangor, Malaysia: Stop animal testing!  Calling on Adelaide Venue Management Corporation  to commit to never host an inhumane rodeo event like bull riding again!  US-info. Congress vote NO on opening Grand Staircase-Escalante to the coal industry! US-info. Don’t Put a Monsanto Hire in Charge of Chemical Safety!  Brazil. We want monthly or quarterly castrations of animals in the communities of Rio de Janeiro! Russia. 'I will always love you, partner!’ Police horses are sent to the slaughterhouse ?? Russia. The vet bills for treatment of poisoned or attacked dogs should be paid by the state or the perpetrator Russia. Administration of the city of Dzerzhinsky, how do you sleep? Killing puppies and dogs, resign! Calls for Action! Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade! Italy. Requesting mandatory sterilization of proprietary dogs in Sicily  Russia. Save the bottlenose dolphin listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, a victim of scientific research, which is on the verge of death in Gelendzhik! Remove the transmitter without causing additional injuries and without removing it from the sea! France. Citizens trees ! Help foresters defend public forests with an alternative plan for management!   Stop the catching and destruction of gentle, spayed and neutered dogs in Topoloveni, Arges, Romania!  Send an email with this Romanian text to,,  ! See above, first link Senate, oppose Michael Dourson's nomination to lead the EPA toxics office
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stop the catching and destruction of gentle, spayed and neutered dogs in Topoloveni, Arges, Romania! Send an email   Stop the catching and destruction of gentle, spayed and neutered dogs in Topoloveni, Arges, Romania!  Send an email with this Romanian text to,,  !
Subject: STOPATI nimicirea cainilor sterilizati din Topoloveni! STOP the destruction of the sterilized dogs in Topoloveni!
To : Primaria Topoloveni, judetul Arges
Domnule Primar
De ani de zile în oraşul Topoloveni se întreprind campanii gratuite de sterilizare pentru câini şi pisici atât cu stăpân cât şi fără stăpân, de către organizaţii de protecţie a animalelor.
Datorită acestor campanii în fiecare an situaţia se îmbunătăţeşte, în ciuda continuării abandonului câinilor de către proprietarii acestora, din Topoloveni sau din satele învecinate.
În fiecare an, prin intermediul acestor organizaţii, oamenii află că sunt obligaţi să îşi sterilizeze animalele, sunt educaţi să o facă şi informează şi pe alţii la rândul lor, astfel că din ce în ce mai mulţi proprietari de animale îşi sterilizează animalele în aceste campanii.
Noi, cetăţenii Topoloveniului, suntem astfel, beneficiarii direcţi, pentru că nu ne mai confruntăm cu multitudinea de pui deversaţi în stradă.
Cu toate acestea, au existat ani când aţi acţionat pentru a strânge câinii sterilizaţi şi la fel aţi procedat şi în acest an doar la o lună după ce s-a finalizat campania de sterilizare. În locul câinilor sterilizaţi s-au infiltrat întotdeauna alţi câini necunoscuţi, nesterilizaţi, şi aşa, în fiecare an o luăm de la capăt.
Ne întrebăm care este logica acestui demers, cui îi foloseşte în mod real!!??
De fiecare dată sunt luaţi numai câinii foarte blânzi, ataşaţi de oameni şi care, cu convingerea că vor fi doar mângâiaţi, vin singuri în mâinile chemătoare şi înşelătoare ale unor hingheri improvizaţi. Însă hingherii, ce ţin la spate laţuri improvizate, îi aruncă într-o maşină, la fel de improvizată, şi îi cară către o destinaţie necunoscută şi dubioasă.
Aşa au dispărut în ultima perioadă, adică fix după campania de sterilizare, aproape 20 dintre cei mai blânzi câini, adică cei care nu ştiau nici măcar să latre! Pe nimeni nu interesează prinderea a 1-2-3 câini care fac probleme ci prinderea “la bucată”!
Suntem indignaţi şi revoltaţi faţă de asemenea decizii care nu fac decât să pângărească activitatea de sterilizare dusă de către organizaţiile de protecţie a animalelor şi să distrugă toate beneficiile ei, să aducă suferinţe şi chiar moartea animalelor (dumneavoastră trebuie să ştiţi exact!!), să ne umple iar străzile de câini nesterilizaţi, să aducă mari deservicii cetăţenilor Topoloveniului care au parte permanent de alţi câini decât cei sterilizaţi şi docili.
Aceste demersuri ne amintesc de campaniile odioase de otrăvire din Topoloveni, de animalele zbătându-se pe caldarâm, de copiii noştri care plângeau lângă cadavrul câinelui pe care îl hrăneau la bloc şi care uneori îl însoţea la şcoală. Imagini încă dureros de vii, chiar dacă erau în urmă cu mai mulţi ani, înainte ca Topoloveniul să beneficieze de acest ajutor masiv pe care îl oferă organizaţiile de protecţie a animalelor, în mod gratuit şi profesionist.
Cerem să ni se comunice public ce s-a întâmplat cu câinii prinşi şi să STOPAŢI IMEDIAT aceste ACŢIUNI ILEGALE şi pline de CRUZIME şi să menţineţi statutul de reprezentant moral al autorităţilor locale în acţiunile care afectează în mod ireversibil psihicul cetăţenilor şi viaţa animalelor.


Petitions and More, December 13  12/11/17 Plse Help Rt HR1406 Twitter target  Marc/McCarthy’s 7 key Reps: Companion animals subjected to Torture, pain and suffering! Global Fight includes USA! Outlaw it here, past cases throughout USA, active current underground trade in Hawaii! 12/11/17 HSLF High Score Republicans, List #149 - #158, Calls and Emails - See in Comments for Direct Emails Targeting The Big 7 and The Agricultural Committee. Please Retweet and Share...HR 1406 US-info. Please cosponsor and push for the passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act! (Currently has 203 cosponsors in the House, and 28 cosponsors in the Senate who support banning horse slaughter in the U.S. and the transportation of horses abroad for slaughter! Please help that support grow!) Please retweet these few tweets for the Virginia Range Wild Horses!  Needs many more signatures! Calling for protection of all animals used in research in Canada! Please validate!
To:  Please remove ITR from the list of Foreign Institutions with a PHS Approved Animal Welfare Assurance because of it's horrific treatment and tests on animals!  Needs more attention. Winning the case against cruelty The suffering is real: these experiments on dogs are financed by Telethon
This dying polar bear has become the sad symbol of global warming. To confirm If not signed yet. Sign for a Bloodless Sanfermin, without Bullfighting! Costco: Remove "Humane" labels from products connected to animal abuse! Prohibit Duck farming in the Netherlands! (also click the second box) Needs more sign. Protest. The eggs used by Mac'ma come from chickens that spend their entire lives in cages. Bimbo and Gamesa have already committed to reject this abuse, Mac'ma refuses to do so! (Accept the terms)  Stand With America’s National Monuments! US-info. Protest. The U.S. House just passed H.R. 3043, which would allow hydropower dam owners to avoid complying with the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act Mexico. Tell the Senate to approve the #LeyRastrosSinCrueldad, stop Cruelty! Please call and write CBS every day this week asking them to stop airing this cruel rodeo, ask to be put through to the complaint hotline: 1-212-975-4321 France. Justice for 4 Huskies kept in distress, locked up in appalling conditions for 1 year  by their owner in a building courtyard of the 18th district in Paris! Woman Arrested for Saving a Starving Dog - Change the Law Now! Australian chickens deserve better - will you speak up?
                    ===========    News and more    ==========  Overnight the British government announced that it would be introducing a Bill in parliament that will ensure that they will pay ‘regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing government policy’


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Petitions and More, December 12  It requires 200,000 signatures within 30 days in order for them to respond. So we don’t have a lot of time. Please sign and share everywhere. Thank you! Click below the 3 links under the Korean text, login with 1) Facebook or 2) Twitter , post your comment, click on the Korean text (blue), signed! We need 2 million signatures on this very important petition. John Dalley of Soi Dog and Nami Kim of will be delivering it personally to Dr. Pyo Changwon at the press conference at the Korean National Assembly Building. Sign and share, please! Scroll down for new retweets Pets Humanize us, Pls Help Protect Them by Retweeting for HR1406 ! Once more. Please ask Congress to protect America's wild horses and burros! France. Let’s mobilize to lodge a complaint against all animal tortures recognized as sentient beings. To confirm Animal cruelty in the Pig farm - stop the suffering in Brandenburg, Germany! Have your say on the ivory trade in the UK! Instructions Once more. Urgent: People Slit Animals' Throats and Drink Their Blood During Mexican Festival! Fodor's Travel, provide accurate information about animal-welfare issues, including the ways that elephants suffer in the tourism industry! Scroll down please. Stop the breeding of hens in cages in France US-info. Reject clear-cut riders and protect the Tongass National Forest! Needs more signatures. No uranium mining in the Grand Canyon! Demand Coca-Cola end its reliance on single-use plastics The project will flood over 12,500 hectares of fertile farmland and sacred Indigenous territory in the Peace River valley. Protest! New Campaigns for “Boycott PyeongChang 2018” and more. Be the voice for the Korean animals today  Uruguay. Montevideo. Would you vote to really protect the animals? Argentina.  Puerto Madryn. (Free) Spay and neuter programs for the abandoned, unwanted dogs! Save The Grateful Paw Cat Shelter with 68 special cats in Huntington, NY! Will be evicted on Jan. 1st because the required paperwork with the IRS was not filed in time! Italy. Mayor of Monza: Save the 2 dogs who prevented the kidnapping of a child!  Ecuador. Calderon. Justice for Coby, run over; make drivers responsible for killing, wounding animals Spain. Andalucia. Protest! The election of the bullfighter known as the Cordobés to broadcast the chimes on public television in Andalusia, Canal Sur, is in complete disregard of the growing public rejection of the mistreatment and animal torture of bullfighting! Italy. Mayor of Lipari, for an ordinance to ban dog chaining France. Use alternatives in the Quebec high schools and colleges, thousands of frogs and piglets are killed, just for a few hours of dissection! Argentina. Prohibit the use of pyrotechnics in the city of Corrientes Stop the acts of cruelty in France (farmed animals), incomplete... Live Reindeer Don't Belong at Shopping Malls Water dispensers to be introduced in supermarkets to cut down the production of plastic bottles that are ending up in our oceans
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